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And the PRs keep on coming! Everyone crushed LuRong WoD 2 this morning from when they did it 8 weeks ago! Awesome job ladies!

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Coach Rob will be taking some time away from the box later this month. Marci will cover classes however some classes will have to be cancelled but most will stay open with Marci coaching them. Stay tuned for exact dates! Thanks everyone.

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We won’t have class this Monday morning Memorial day we will however have the 630pm class! Have a safe weekend!

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CrossFit Group Classes
Monday Wed and Friday 530AM
Monday Wed 630PM
Tuesday Thursday 600AM
Olympic Weightlifting (Coach’s invitation needed)
Tuesday Thursday 600PM

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The next time you get down on yourself about having to scale a WOD remember that every thing is a scaled version of something else. Double unders are scaled triple unders, 200# squat is a scaled 300# squat, a pull up and a dip is a scaled muscle up and a muscle up is a scaled weighted muscle up!

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Had some good weightlifting going on tonight! Everyone is getting faster, and the no-feet drill helped I think! Good work tonight

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Today I went and watched a local CrossFit competition at CrossFit Train, and 2 things stuck out for me that I want to pass along. 1st, no matter how tired you are NEVER walk under or near or in front or behind of a person who is lifting a heavy bar! I saw what could have been a disasterous scenario happen several times because this kid was too tired to pay attention to what was going on around him! I don’t give a crap how tired you are just don’t do it. Period! And second if you want to get good at CrossFit you should definitely spend time getting good at the Olympic lifts. The heaviest lifts I saw today came from the people with the best technique.

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“Abandon all Ego, all ye who enter here.”
I think I am going to paint this over the entrance to the gym. Ego just gets in the way far too often. First what do I mean by ego? The first thing you may think of when you see the word ego is probably some big testosterone fueled jerk who looks at himself in the mirror too much and thinks he is God’s gift to the world, but that is only one aspect of ego. Ego comes in many shapes and sizes.

Your fear of failure is just another form of your ego poking it’s head out. The most important lesson you can learn in the gym is that failure is going to happen, and it will happen a lot. But it doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. One single failure, one missed rep, isn’t who you are! You are the accumulation of thousands of reps, thousands of misses, thousands of made lifts. It is this total that is important. Over time you will get stronger, over time you will get better. Stop letting your failure-ego get in the way.

Fear of looking silly is another common type of ego. Everyone at some point has looked dumb. I can remember all the times I did something silly or looked silly, but you know what is funny, when someone else brings up times they looked dumb I have a hard time remembering them. Why is that? Well because another persons silliness was just a passing moment for me and held no real emotional impact. In other words I really didn’t give a shit about you! Seriously we are all very selfish people. Now I don’t mean this in a bad way, I mean that we tend to focus on ourselves. So what does that mean, well basically how silly you looked doing that handstand pushup the other day, ya I forgot about that already. So stop worrying what others think cause they already forgot what you did yesterday, Seriously they did! Don’t let your silly-ego get in the way.

And of course there is the macho ego. The one where you see your lifting partner who is clearly stronger than you lifting a ton of weight so you decide to throw another 50lbs on the bar when you can barely even do the weight you’re currently lifting. Then bam! You hurt yourself and your done for a month. Stop letting your macho-ego get in the way of your progress!

Remember you are not one moment in time, you are the accumulation of thousands of days. It is your constant hard work that is important not your single effort on one attempt. Don’t let your Ego, no matter what form it takes, get in the way of you getting into the gym and doing the reps you need to do to get better!


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Coach will head in later today to do some lifting. If you wanna join him leave a comment on a preferred time either 5pm or 6pm.

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@andypetranek definitely do it! Search Jon North hit and catch drill on YouTube, he’s a great snatcher

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No matter what your goals are make gains towards them, finish off the year strong, and start 2015 even stronger. Sign up for that NLI, 5K or marathon, whatever it is, go full speed ahead and succeed! #motivationmonday #GoForthAndConquer

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Holiday Schedule: 12/24: 9AM "12 Days of Xmas WOD" 12/25: Closed 12/26: Closed 12/27-12/30: Regular Schedule 12/31: 9AM "Countdown WOD" 1/1: Closed 1/2: Regular Schedule

jodilynn published the post 5 Reasons to Choose Early Morning Workouts on Tabata Times
[animate type="tada" duration="4" inline="yes"]Decorate your box for the Holidays - click any image...
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Warmup: 3 Rounds Every 2 mins Run 200m 10 Burpees Strength: 5RM Backsquat WOD: "Jackie" 1000 meter row, 50 thrusters (45#) 30 Pull-ups. (12min cap) #benchmarkmonday #projectintersect #crossfit #longbeach

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The last two weeks of the year always bring low attendance. Just remember the Holiday season is stressful, and you will feel much more relaxed if you are getting in a few WODs these two weeks. Come in get to work and get back to the hustle and bustle. It has been a great year, and everyone has been working really hard. You each are a very important part of our community and what makes all of us get better. The encouragement and excitement at SCCF is amazing! We love you and we can't wait to see the PR's and Rx WODs in the New Year!

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Monday: “Nasty Girls” 3 Rounds 50 Squats 7 Muscle Ups 10 Hang Power Cleans 135#/95# Happy Birthday Nicole!

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Group shot with the originators - the Rodgers clan (via FaceTime). Thank you all for coming out last night and celebrating with us!

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If you have a coat, sweater, or article of clothing hanging up on this rack, you have until the 1st to grab it. I will be donating anything left to charity.

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Even Santa Lifts

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Just a reminder we have a WOD at 10am and a special Yoga class at 11am!

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Yoga for CrossFitters starts in 30min... Eat, WOD, & Stretch orientation is at'll be short and sweet. No more than 30min. Come in and find out about it!

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Don't forget 12pm Skillz & Sprintz And 1pm - ReFlex Yoga

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Holiday dinner and cocktails!!! Thank you Bow and Truss forr hosting our gathering! #community #cocktails #goodfood #bettercompany #sangriasfordays #crossfit #weekendwarrior #paella #tacos #nohoartsdistrict #bowandtruss #lovevault #teamvault

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DEADLIFT: Last three sets at the same weight. 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 then “The Hooper Hop” In teams of two, relay style. Twelve Rounds for Time or AMRAP 20:00 of: 11 Bar Hop-Overs 11 Push Press 11 Goblet Squats 11 Kettlebell Swings – Russian Filed under: …

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FIVE ROUNDS FOR BADASSNESS: 9 Pull-ups or 3 Muscle-ups 60 sec Squat Hold 9 Strict Burpees with high jumpFiled under: WODs Tagged: muscle-ups, pull-ups, squat hold, strict burpees

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Vault Christmas donation wrapping! A huge thank you to all who donated and helped with gift wrapping. #community #holidays #vaultcrossfit #givingback #giftwrapping #presents #christmas

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Reminder to come check out CrossFit Cedar Park next week! Clients bring your friends! If you don't have a friend with our box, we will be your friend for the day! We have classes at two locations! Check out our schedule for next week!

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We had a great time at our Free Community Workouts, Skill Sessions and Flex Classes this morning! Big thanks to everyone who came out and worked hard. Have a GREAT weekend!

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Oly A)Power snatch+BTNPP+OHS 6-7 sets 4+4+4 B)jerk Build to a 1RM C)front squat/RDL Build to a1RM & /4 sets of 6 #lift #lifeinabox #jerkit #maxlift #snatch #workonyourweaknesses #progress #strength #strongisbeauty #hookgrip

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Adv WOD for Saturday 12/20/14: With a running clock: at the 0:00 3 RFT: 6 OHS, 165/115 6 Muscle ups at the 10:00 3 RFT: 9 Power Cleans, 155/105 9 HSPU at the 20:00 3 RFT: 12 Thrusters, 115/80 12 C2B at the 30:00 3 RFT: 15 Power Snatches, 95/65 15 Wall Balls, 20/14 Competitors Training

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Great Open Gym with Coach Nikki!

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SFH new fish oil is fully stocked! Try their new & improved flavors #CrossFitcounterculture #sfh

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WOW! #positivevibes #lovevault #teamvault special mention in this yelp review goes to @itsthetyler our Olympic Lifting Coach and @em_hughes3 our Head Coach! Many thanks to our #community -- we appreciate you! We work very hard to make this place special because we know you could go anywhere else - thank you for your #support and #dedication

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12.20.14 9am - Open Gym 10am - The Grinch WoD!!! 11am - Intro's, Open Gym and Strongman

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Main - Group Class Warm-up Run 400m 4 Inch Worm 4 Perfect Stretch Side Lunge Down Front Lunge Back Metcon (Time) WOD 2 Person Team WOD (only one person works at a time) 1 Round Row 150/115 Kcal (complete total of 200 hollow rocks during rest) 1 Round 150 KB Swing (complete total of 50 ring dips during rest) 1 round 400m OH Walking Lunge 45/25 (just rest)

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12 Days of CrossFit going down Saturday! 730 & 930! Wear your festive WOD wear for extra fun!

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Some tips from Kettlebeard on how to beat your PR plateaus.

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Congratulations to Liz on her first kick-up to handstand! Look at that beautiful form!!

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The Iron Bar is hiring a part-time office manager. Candidates must have: Flexible schedule, including days/evenings/weekends. Excellent people skills, including phone skills. Must be detail-oriented with previous office experience a plus. Must have working knowledge of office programs such as Word, Excel, etc. Must have excellent computer skills. Must be organized and have the ability to see organizational solutions. Must be a team player. Must possess a dynamic, friendly personality. Must be able to take initiative, be motivated and professional. CrossFit experience also a plus, but not required. Email resume and cover letter to:

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12/19/14 WOD results

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Looking to find best gift for a loved one? Give them the gift of health and fitness! Gift Certificates available for SCF 101 Fundamentals, a month of CrossFit or both. Contact Tierney for more details!

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OGERs! Please give a huge shoutout to James for earning his GREY HAT!!! Woooot!

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Someone spits their gum out on the floor? (Yes- last night!!!) and you're getting out the goo gone and scraping up someone's slobber. Want to hang an Oregon Ducks flag? OK. Want to name your own job title? You get to do that too.

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Results from 12.18.14

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CFE shirts are in! There were only three people who preordered, the rest are first come first serve! Ask a coach before trying any on, they are $25