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And the PRs keep on coming! Everyone crushed LuRong WoD 2 this morning from when they did it 8 weeks ago! Awesome job ladies!

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Coach Rob will be taking some time away from the box later this month. Marci will cover classes however some classes will have to be cancelled but most will stay open with Marci coaching them. Stay tuned for exact dates! Thanks everyone.

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We won’t have class this Monday morning Memorial day we will however have the 630pm class! Have a safe weekend!

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CrossFit Group Classes
Monday Wed and Friday 530AM
Monday Wed 630PM
Tuesday Thursday 600AM
Olympic Weightlifting (Coach’s invitation needed)
Tuesday Thursday 600PM

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The next time you get down on yourself about having to scale a WOD remember that every thing is a scaled version of something else. Double unders are scaled triple unders, 200# squat is a scaled 300# squat, a pull up and a dip is a scaled muscle up and a muscle up is a scaled weighted muscle up!

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Had some good weightlifting going on tonight! Everyone is getting faster, and the no-feet drill helped I think! Good work tonight

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Today I went and watched a local CrossFit competition at CrossFit Train, and 2 things stuck out for me that I want to pass along. 1st, no matter how tired you are NEVER walk under or near or in front or behind of a person who is lifting a heavy bar! I saw what could have been a disasterous scenario happen several times because this kid was too tired to pay attention to what was going on around him! I don’t give a crap how tired you are just don’t do it. Period! And second if you want to get good at CrossFit you should definitely spend time getting good at the Olympic lifts. The heaviest lifts I saw today came from the people with the best technique.

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“Abandon all Ego, all ye who enter here.”
I think I am going to paint this over the entrance to the gym. Ego just gets in the way far too often. First what do I mean by ego? The first thing you may think of when you see the word ego is probably some big testosterone fueled jerk who looks at himself in the mirror too much and thinks he is God’s gift to the world, but that is only one aspect of ego. Ego comes in many shapes and sizes.

Your fear of failure is just another form of your ego poking it’s head out. The most important lesson you can learn in the gym is that failure is going to happen, and it will happen a lot. But it doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. One single failure, one missed rep, isn’t who you are! You are the accumulation of thousands of reps, thousands of misses, thousands of made lifts. It is this total that is important. Over time you will get stronger, over time you will get better. Stop letting your failure-ego get in the way.

Fear of looking silly is another common type of ego. Everyone at some point has looked dumb. I can remember all the times I did something silly or looked silly, but you know what is funny, when someone else brings up times they looked dumb I have a hard time remembering them. Why is that? Well because another persons silliness was just a passing moment for me and held no real emotional impact. In other words I really didn’t give a shit about you! Seriously we are all very selfish people. Now I don’t mean this in a bad way, I mean that we tend to focus on ourselves. So what does that mean, well basically how silly you looked doing that handstand pushup the other day, ya I forgot about that already. So stop worrying what others think cause they already forgot what you did yesterday, Seriously they did! Don’t let your silly-ego get in the way.

And of course there is the macho ego. The one where you see your lifting partner who is clearly stronger than you lifting a ton of weight so you decide to throw another 50lbs on the bar when you can barely even do the weight you’re currently lifting. Then bam! You hurt yourself and your done for a month. Stop letting your macho-ego get in the way of your progress!

Remember you are not one moment in time, you are the accumulation of thousands of days. It is your constant hard work that is important not your single effort on one attempt. Don’t let your Ego, no matter what form it takes, get in the way of you getting into the gym and doing the reps you need to do to get better!


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Coach will head in later today to do some lifting. If you wanna join him leave a comment on a preferred time either 5pm or 6pm.

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@andypetranek definitely do it! Search Jon North hit and catch drill on YouTube, he’s a great snatcher

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10/5/15 "Nasty Girls" 3 rft: 50 Squats 7 Muscle Ups 10 HPC 135/95 10/6/15 For Time: Run 1 mile 100 Situps 100 Back Extensions Run 1 mile 10/7/15 "Gymnasty Troy" Is it a nasty week or what!? For time: Buy in - 82 Double Unders Then, 3 rounds: 3 Wall Ball Situps 3 Tire Flips with Jump Over 3 Wall Walk Ups… [ 113 more words. ]

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I hope you all enjoyed your weekend..Monday's WOD is available on the blog!

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Charlie Gaunt...aka...YODA came to play and lift today!!!

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Some action shots from yesterday's Wodtoberfest! Fantastic job to all the competing teams!

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Sunday is a Recovery Day.

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2nd place AND qualified for worlds at the Arnold Classic in February!! Great job Erika!

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If anyone sees a cool gym building from NW Milwaukie to close-in SE Portland let me know!

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Let us present to you the Athlete of the Month October: Haydee Campos! See Haydee's CrossFit journey here. Warm: -Mob hip, ankles, OH banded distraction -Banded straight arm lat pull-down -Bar MU Drills -Burgener W/U Strength: Every 3 min for 4 rds complete: Clean + 2 Front Squats 2-4 Bar Muscle Ups Sub BarMU with 2-4 Strict Pull-ups or 3 Negative Pull-ups… [ 41 more words. ]

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It's with a heavy heart that we announce that CrossFit Finish First is now closed.

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Great job today CFLG!!! We ❤️ you!

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Another Troop graduates. We welcome all the Troop 012 grads into regular classes next week! Get some rest and have a deserve it! Matt King Rebecca L. Horn Kirsten DeWitt Jennifer Throop Jennifer Wallace Regina Aldridge Aude Murphy Alex Merrifield Katie McRae Frank Coronado Maddie Morikawa Mariel Stebor Victoria Stebor Edie Jeffers Theresa Thorman Bennett Jennifer Heath

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Team "Beat Travis and Amber" couldn't come through today ;)

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Winners winners, chicken dinners!

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Pretty sure, he's looking right at me.---Lisa

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While we are waiting to get into our new space. Let's all meet tomorrow for an outdoor WOD. We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world might as well get a workout with incredible view. Miss you all look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow. Sunday, October 4th!!! Meeting at 11:00 am at 136–198 Marina Blvd San Francisco, CA 94123

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Then there is this... Think you still can't do CrossFit, are you still scared to come in, do you think you have to be in shape before you come in? Think again You Can Do It, Don't be Scared you are Strong, None of us were in shape when we first started. Oct 6th starts our 101/Beginner Class. You have a choice of 8am or 7:15pm. Go to our page and commit, then we will see you Tuesday! Can't make the times, email us!

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Such a good turn out! Can't thank the supporters enough. We couldn't do it without you!

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Crossfit Train representing at the WODtoberfest today!

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Melissa and Eric putting up some big weights

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9a partner WOD

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Saturday 10/3/15 #crossfitoakdalewhiteboard

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Getting ready to WOD with #sturgillsimpson

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Welcome to our newest member Kim who just passed her elements under the watchful eye of box dog Kettlebella! Say hi when you see her in class!

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Event 1 done Casey/Kelly

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Good luck to these guys as they compete at the barbell rodeo in Los Banos today! #Crossfit #crossfitmonterey #barbellrodeo

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Be determined this weekend!

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Please welcome Kumar to the BCF family! Kumar recently moved here from Ohio where he had been doing CrossFit for several months. He's got a great sense of humor and we're excited to have him at the gym. #bcf #beavertoncrossfit #ilikehimeventhoughhesanohiostatefan #crossfit

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We are here! If you are up then hurry up and get here! Race starts at 8am.

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TODAY'S PARTNER WOD 1000m row relay -each partner rows 500m 150 kb swings (53/35) 200 double-under relay -partners alternate every 25 reps 100 wall balls (24/20) 20 50m sprint relay -partners alternate every 50m 75 toes to bar 1000m row relay -each partner rows 500m Don't forget to sign up for the ARCFit Fall Nutrition Challenge put on by our very own Coach Kalie!!

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1st say to yourself what you would be & then do what you have to do~Epicetus #crossfitcampbell

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Since Mike is still at the box working on renovations I'll go ahead and post the Saturday schedule....LOL.... OLY club 10-11 OPEN GYM 11-12

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Giganto WELCOME BACK to the Chuggernauts from Sav-Up! Dustin Pappas will be back to defend his current title.... So EXCITED!

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WHAAATTT! The Quad Squad will be in the house for Franniversary! CrossFit Foothills and Sav-Up will be represented with these blonde beauties!!!

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CrossFit Fairbanks shared an image on Facebook

Infared benching!

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Happy B Day Joe M! Huge shout out to our six athletes competing in Pismo beach this weekend. We will be thinking of you.

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This!!!! This is why we do what we do! So proud of you Sean!

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Come out and try our Intro to CrossFit class at 1030am tomorrow!! #irontemplecrossfit #irontemple #irontemplecf #crossfit #freeclass #intro #military #usaf #train #hialeah #miamilakes

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First Friday!

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"The Quick and the Dead"!

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SATURDAY - OCTOBER 3RD, 2015 8AM CrossFit class 9AM Barbell class ----------------------------------- 8AM WOD: 10 Rounds each for time: 100m Hill sprints 90 Second rest

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What could possibly be better than 8 hours of weightlifting with the best coaches around?!? Join us on Nov 7

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Saturday 10.3.15

No Excuses CrossFit posted an article